Video Production and Film-making

Video Production

Video Production is the activity involved in creating video content. It’s similar to film-making/filming but with video production, images are digitally recorded unlike film-making where images are recorded on a film stock. Three stages are involved in video production. These are; pre-production, production and post-production.

  • pre-production – This includes all the planning details before filming starts. This involves scheduling, script writing, logistics and other administrative tasks.
  • production – This is the stage where video content is recorded-these are the moving images. Also, filming the characters of the video is involved in this phase.
  • post-production – This is the activity involved in choosing and combining selectively the video clips through arrangement and manipulation of video shots, video editing, to a final result that explains a story or shares a message in probably a live event place(live production) or later after the event has already happened(post-production).

Most of the video content today is captured via electronic media such as an SD card for the standard grade cameras, or on a SSD(Solid State Drive) and flash memory for the professional cameras. Most of the times, digitally distributed video content appears in regular formats like the Moving Picture Expert Group(.mpeg, .mpg, .mp4), Audio Video Interleave(.avi), QuickTime(.mov), DivX(.avi, .divx) and Windows Media Video(.wmv).

Video production is of many types. These include; television commercials, corporate film production, TV and Film production f, filming and video web commercials, marketing videos, wedding videos, customer testimonial videos, product videos and event videos. The term ‘Video Production’ is used only when content is created with a certain audience in mind.

filming and videography


Filming/film-making/film production is the activity involved in making a film mostly intended to have a long exhibition in the theater. Filming incorporates a number of things including an original narrative, idea or commission, script writing, shooting, casting, sound recording and reproduction, film editing and film screening the final result in front of an audience that can lead to a film release and exhibition.

Filming happens all over the globe in a variety of ways from social, economical and political contexts, by using different types of cinematic techniques and technologies. With London film production companies it involves a lot of people and can actually take several months or even a few years to complete. There’re 5 stages involved in film production, which include; development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.

  • Development – This is the first stage of film production that involves creating of new film ideas or buying the rights to plays or books and the writing of the screenplay. Also, the finances needed for the project have to be obtained.
  • Pre-production – This is where the necessary preparations and arrangements are made for shooting. This includes things like hiring the film crew and the cast, choosing the locations and building sets.
  • Production – In this stage, the recording of the initial footage together with other film elements are done throughout the film shoot.
  • Post-production – The sound, visual effects and images of the film that’s recorded undergoes some editing and are combined to form the final product.
  • Distribution – The finished film is then distributed, marketed and even screened in various cinemas and home video.

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